Ivan Lins

Ivan Lins is a complete musician, distinguished for his refined harmonies and great arrangements. As the most recorded Brazilian living artist, the composer began playing piano at age eighteen, very influenced by the music he heard in his childhood in the United States, jazz and bossa nova.


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His harmonic construction, quite unusual in Brazilian music, is one of the features that would make Ivan Lins become so respected among musicians around the world. He had many successes as a singer and composer as is the case of „Abre Alas“, „Somos todos iguais esta noite“, „Começar de novo“ („The Island“) , „Vitoriosa“, many of them created by the  artistic duo Ivan Lins and Vitor Martins.

The political atmosphere decisively influenced his career in the 70´s and remains and important issue at his work till now.  Ivan Lins has released numerous recordings, all over the Globe.  Always reflecting  contemporary issues , his work is renewed and always brings new musical values and ideals, without losing his originality. From the second half of the 80´s on, Ivan Lins emphasized his international career, especially in the U.S. where he was recorded by major artists such as Sarah Vaughan, Quincy Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Barbra Streisand and many others.  In Brazil, Ivan is constantly recorded by many of the great artists, such as Elis Regina, Simone, Gal Costa, Emilio Santiago, Djavan, Chico Buarque,  among many others. In 1991, together with Vitor Martins, Ivan founded the record label Velas , an independent and national record company.  His label promoted  remarkable releases, revealing great new artists such as Guinga, Chico Cesar, Lenine and establishing names such as Edu Lobo, Fatima Guedes and Zizi Possi, among many others.   Eclectic in her musical performance, Lins also composed soundtracks for films, besides several tracks and themes for novels and series.

In 2001 Ivan Lins recorded „Jobiniando“, an album in tribute to Tom Jobim with new harmonies to great   of Antonio Carlos Jobim.  In 2005 Lins released  both CD and DVD „Cantando histórias“ („Singing Stories“) which brings back his greatest hits  with new arrangements and with the participation of many guests as Simone and Zizi Possi.  On year later, he release the CD „Acariocando“, a great album full of original songs.   In 2007, CD and DVD  „Saudade de Casa“ was written as an open rehearsal in Studio Mega, in Rio de Janeiro. In this project the composer was attended by several guests who are part of his life, among them his son, actor and singer Claudio Lins. In 2009 another Latin Grammy came with his album „The Ivan Lins & Metropole Orchestra,“ recorded with the excellent Dutch orchestra and arranged and conducted by maestro Vince Mendoza. In 2013 Ivan Lins presents his new masterpiece CORNUCOPIA together with the SWR Big Band.


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