Does anybody wanna funk?

Paulo Mendonca


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Paulo Mendonca is back! After his huge success with previous releases, selling hundreds of thousands of records all over the world and touring with artists like Tina Turner, Paulo Mendonca returns with his album “DOES ANYBODY WANNA FUNK“

During his break Paulo kept on playing live all over Europe and beyond starting a successful publishing company with head quarters in London. However the itch to start writing, playing and producing songs for himself got too strong and now the result is here! In Sweden, where Paulo resides most of the year, it seems like the audience was waiting for Paulo and his patented funk flavored rock (or is it the other way around?) as the album immediately went to no. 1 on the iTunes album chart and to top-20 in the album charts. The song „Birds and the Bees“ had extensive plays on the biggest national Swedish radio networks.

Paulo started his musical career in his teens as a drummer, playing in various bands in Sweden, but it didn’t take too long before he realized that it was the guitar players that got all the girls.This led the young – and at that time the shy Paulo – to leave the drum kit forever! Playing the guitar took a great deal of time and commitment, but he was a man on a mission. And when at one point the spot behind the mic was available he thought, „why not give it a try“, and as it turned out, the boy could sing! After playing the cover scene for a couple of years he started gaining attention from the industry, got discovered and signed by a label, consequently leading to the release of his first record ”Respect My Aim”.

The new album, is the fourth full length release from Mr. Mendonca, and it’s evident that some things stay the same, and some things change! The approved groove and the playing from the best of the best are still there, but Paulo has also collaborated with a lot of writers to add different flavors and textures to his music. Primarily this can be seen in the lyrics department and Paulo gives his explanation as to why:

”I don’t see myself first and foremost as a lyricist, therefore I let people I trust and that know me well take care of that. I am a musician and thus music is how I express myself – through writing, playing and singing…”

„DOES ANYBODY WANNA FUNK?“ is a record that displays where Paulo has his heart musically, with one foot comfortably planted in funk and groove, and the other one equally comfortable planted in classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s. On the album You have the clean cut funk numbers like ”Me and My Friends”, that with its distinct guitar and horn section gives the listener a throwback to when music was not fabricated in a computer but played and expressed from people actually playing together – and doing it well! Here you can also appreciate the enormous attention to detail that goes into producing a record like this with an arrangement that will disclose more details the more you listen to it. On the other hand there are distinct rock tracks like ”21 Century” that with it’s opening, heavily distorted guitar riff, leave little room for questions – this one goes to eleven! The album there also the numbers that tie every together with a neat ribbon like the ultra groovy ”Birds and the Bees” the equally that doesn’t lend itself to any other genre description than ”Paulo Mendonca”. When asking about the variety of styles and influences Paulo comments;

I see this record as a tribute to all my heroes that got me into music in the first place, I mean without bands and artists like Earth Wind & Fire, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy – the list goes on – I wouldn’t be where I am today, they were my teachers and their records where my encyclopedias…”

The variety of „DOES ANYBODY WANNA FUNK?“ is what will keep the listener intrigued and fascinated from title to title, taking them on a musical journey that spans over genres, tempos, sounds and flavors with no bars held. In doing so the record perfectly mirrors the persona of Paulo Mendonca in that he is not interested in doing something that is artistically narrow and single minded – it’s about expressing who you are – and there are many sides to this multi-talented musician!


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