Paulo Mendonca

Paulo Mendonca is back after having huge success with his previous releases, selling houndreds of thousands of records all over the world and touring with the likes of Tina Turner.


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Paulo started his musical career in his teens behind the drums, where he played in various bands in Sweden, but it didn’t take to long before he realized that it was the guitar players that got all the girls which led the young – and at that time the shy Paulo – to leave the drum kit forever! Honeing his craft on the guitar took a great deal of time and commitment, but he was a man on a mission. And when at one point the spot behind the mic was available he thought, „why not give it a try“, and as it turned out, the boy could sing! After playing the cover scene for a couple of years he started gaining attention from the industry, got discovered and signed by a label, consequently leading to the release of his first record ”Respect My Aim”.


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