Rock Hard Cachet

Sonny Emory

Cachet Fusion is the vision of Grammy award winning drummer Sonny Emory. Sonny has played with such acts, as "Earth, Wind and Fire", Bruce Hornsby and Lee Ritenour. Cachet features the stellar vocals of Shayna Steele, who has performed with such greats as, Bette Midler and Rihanna. Also featured is keyboard genius, Morris Pleasure, who has played with the legendary group, "Earth, Wind and Fire" and the late Michael Jackson.


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The foundation of music can sometimes be derived from the steady rhythmic sounds of a kick drum combined with a high hat and snare. Often musicians in a band will find a source of energy in the steady beat of the drummer. We have all witnessed thousands of concert-going fans in a subconscious state of rocking as a show progresses through a long list of world-renowned hits. If you have had the pleasure of witnessing Sonny Emory, you will agree that he has mastered the discipline of providing the musical foundation upon which many of those hits have been built.


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